Blue Swan

Interactive Book (iBook) by Natalie Pen

For this seemingly average teenager of Native American descent,Lake Huron holds the secret to the unspoken truths of her childhood; the truths that reveal that she is anything but average.

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Bella L’Amore

Bella LAmore Ecstasy Book


Bella L’Amore is an alter ego of a small-town girl. She is her deepest desires and her most creative thoughts. Bella writes to explore the things that are unspoken of in her proper world. Bella writes to elicit the wildest fantasies and the deepest emotions of her readers; she wants her readers to not only relate to the characters in her stories, but to feel the same yearning, touches, kisses, intense passion between them. Bella describes encounters to evoke desire, anticipation and curiosity. Bella L’Amore means beautiful love and she believes love is just that… beautiful. Whether the love is platonic, romantic or sexual, our experiences mold these fascinating stories and memories for us that are worth the read.

Ecstasy will get your juices flowing, this classy & sexy short Fiction Erotic story is written for Women.

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Chill Mood Living

Chill Mood Living Book

Chill Mood Living

What Is Chill Mood? Chill Mood is attitude, a method of living in peace and harmony through music. Chill Mood’s melody and sounds will relax your mind and sooth your soul. 

Experience Chill Mood as never before, with this in-depth and interactive book created and designed especially for iBooks.

Chill Mood Living book provides an unprecedented and comprehensive glimpse into the world of Chill Mood.

The multi-touch interactive features of this book are best enjoyed on an iPad. This multi-touch book can be also read with iBooks on your Mac.

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Emily Bordeaux


I was once a shy person but emersion into the world of fashion modeling opened my mind. My name is Emily Bordeaux. I was born and raised in New York but saw the world with a little help from my friends.

Being a top fashion writer, my mother traveled extensively throughout my childhood. From an early age, I yearned to pass on the descriptive tales she would bring home. My father, owner of an elite French restaurant, constantly urged us to practice the crafts that made us happy.

To the strains of my younger sister’s violin, I wrote the stories along with enough questions to impress my mother. On her next journey, my mother started a flurry of communication amongst various models and myself. Due to my young age, she sometimes censored.

Being the inquisitive sort, I bypassed her censorship and received permission to document everything within my quickly expanding reach. Nearing my high school graduation, I was thrilled when my mother offered me an assistant position after college. To my surprise, she lifted the censorship throughout my college years.

Models unleashed a torrent of stories that I filed into my hard drive. I shamelessly interviewed the photographers of many. In true fashion, they multiplied my imagination with thousands of words through their visual magic and led me on a journey of their own.

Working directly with them after college, I am now in my thirties and have amassed quite a volume. I now open the door to my bedroom-sized diary and present Lens Open Wide.

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Lens Open Wide

Erotic Collection
Some things are simply irresistible… the lens of a camera… the sexy photographer….

Delicious Aftermath BookGet it on iBooks

Delicious Aftermath

Will the stepsisters fight over James? Or will he bring the stepsisters closer than their parents ever dreamed?

Devil’s Den Hell Breaks Loose BookGet it on iBooks

Devil’s Den

Hell Breaks Loose
Join Luke as he watches Hell break loose in Devil’s Den.

Bum Pluck Yonder BookGet it on iBooks

Bum Pluck Yonder

What could these marvelous beauties offer an adventurous and worldly traveler within their off-the-gridenvironment aptly named Bum Pluck Yonder?

West’s Best BookGet it on iBooks

West’s Best

Other than Randi’s overactive libido, what irresistible secrets do this mother-daughter duo possesses?

Sin in the Nati BookGet it on iBooks

Sin in the Nati

Join El and James as they explore the unused tunnels while she tries to avoid Sin in the Nati

Crossing Borders BookGet it on iBooks

Crossing Borders

What borders will James cross next?

Flogging Serpent BookGet it on iBooks

Flogging Serpent

Join James as he explores the sexually charged band, Climactic Noise.

Morbidly Yours BookGet it on iBooks

Morbidly Yours

Exactly who is this woman and where has James seen her before?

Island of Bliss BookGet it on iBooks

Island of Bliss

What secrets will James uncover in his journey within Newfoundland?

Blow Me Down BookGet it on iBooks

Blow Me Down

Who would have thought that a sexy photographer could alter so many lives while keeping his lens open wide?

Natalie Pen


Natalie Pen has always wanted to travel. Her father provided a home in Ohio and a yearning to travel the world, always urging her to see the world through the eyes of others. After obtaining a degree, restlessness struck so she took his advice. Interviewing everyone she came across, she mentally marked the impacts for future creations.

Natalie now travels beyond her own wildest dreams. Whether it’s a frozen moment or the beginning of a process, she blends stories across multiple genres. Allow her to bookmark a place in time through a character’s eyes, show their world while tumbling it through another dimension or time.

She infuses all senses, mixes imagery with sound, and produces a defining story that may dwell anywhere or anytime. Taking her father’s words to heart, she offers enlightenment from a full-textured experience while spurring the reader’s imagination to life.

Red Book


Time seems to stand still when unexplained wind gusts send sand grains dancing into attack mode.

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Cafe Lori BookGet it on iBooks

Café Lori

You can’t expect to go unnoticed when the new coffee shop in town is named after the “new girl” and run by her mother.

Blue Swan BookGet it on iBooks

Blue Swan

Navigating the ups-and-downs of high school, life without a father and finding her true identity, Natalie is plagued with a thirst for answers.

Holy Angels BookGet it on iBooks

Holy Angels

Raven isn’t the normal teenager, which tends to seclude her from fitting in, and she can’t quite pinpoint what makes her so different.

Safe Haven BookGet it on iBooks

Safe Haven

What would you do if the one place where the answers lie,is the one place you aren’t allowed to go?

Photographic Journey

Huaraz The Cordillera Blanca PeruGet it on iBooks


To some it is considered the Himalayas of the Americas, with 38 peaks over 6,000 meters and some 200 peaks over 5,000.

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Image n Words

Image n Words is meant to capture the beauty of the world and the love, happiness and pain that can be found all around us.

Kauai BookGet it on iBooks


Kauai has been aptly called “Hawaii's Island of Discovery.”

Notre Dame Cathedral BookGet it on iBooks

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral A marvel of gothic architecture, and the most prominent monument in the entire France.

Olympic Peninsula BookGet it on iBooks

Olympic Peninsula

A place where towering peaks meet deep rainforests and wide beaches fronting on the Pacific Ocean.

Half Dome Yosemite National Park BookGet it on iBooks

Half Dome

Half Dome Yosemite National Park one of the most iconic landscapes in the world.

Point Lobos BookGet it on iBooks

Point Lobos

Where beautiful wildlife and awe-inspiring scenery greets you at every turn.

Venice Beach BookGet it on iBooks

Venice Beach

Find the Deeper Side of Venice Beach and Discover What the Drum Circle is Really About.

Zion National Park BookGet it on iBooks


Zion National Park Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves to travel? Have you experienced the unbelievable sights of Zion National Park?


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